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Official: Apartment Tsunami Will Agitate Buckhead Traffic

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One North Buckhead resident foresees traffic Armageddon in the form of 2,500 new apartment units and other projects in the area. Gordon Certain, president of the North Buckhead Civic Association and an engineer by trade, suggests traffic could increase by 30 to 50 percent if all apartment, road construction and school projects should come to fruition, BuckView reports. Certain has mapped out apartment projects in the area where Peachtree Road crosses Ga. Highway 400, and he's been vocal at meetings with his concerns. If eight proposed developments happen, Certain predicts North Buckhead's housing unit counts would jump by 50 percent — to 7,500 units. From an infrastructure standpoint, is the area prepared?

[ABOVE: A concerned Buckhead resident's map of proposed apartment projects. Image via BuckheadView]

Certain also fears complications not born of developers' plans. More traffic woes could come with the elimination of Ga. Highway 400 tolls in November and the opening of two Ga. Highway 400 ramps at Interstate 85 soon after. BuckheadView reports that, in Certain's estimation, removing the tolls could swell traffic on Ga. Highway 400 by 18 percent — and by extension add 15 percent more vehicles to the Lenox Road/Buckhead Loop. Certain is clear in pointing out that he's not a traffic engineer, but any rube could see his concerns are justified. Sounds like a pretty sharp double-edge sword.
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