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A Walkability Vision Emerges For 04W And Inman Park!

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Despite a residential explosion along the Highland Avenue corridor in the Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park, crossing the street there can feel like Human Frogger. Plans are in the works to potentially change that. This month, a "Krog-Lake-Elizabeth-North Highland Transportation Strategy" has emerged, offering a slate of pedestrian and traffic enhancement options for the burgeoning thoroughfares it is named for. Sponsored by Kwanza Hall, District 2 city councilman, the plans offer plenty of visual stimulation but are clearly nascent.

Overall, the study summarizes the area's ongoing "boom" and wisely points out that foot and car traffic is about to thicken: "Three major development projects (280 Elizabeth Street, Krog Street Market and Highland Park townhouses) now under construction will bring hundreds of new housing units and tens of thousands of square feet of commercial space to the area over the next two years," the study begins. "With this growth will invariably come more traffic, but also more pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and engaged residents."

The study examines the possibility of stoplights on Highland Avenue and crosswalk improvements in various locations, which are sorely needed. It also mentions the possibility of incorporating mini-roundabouts instead of traffic signals. Benefits include relatively low cost and minimal maintenance.

You'll find bundles of more compelling reading material right here.

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