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TV Project Is Looking For A Few Good 'Beltliners'

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So a group of Atlanta creative types are coming together to put the Beltline on the small screen — and they're looking for enthusiastic "Beltliners" to help. The Atlanta BeltlineTV Project aims to create a monthly web series about life on and around everyone's favorite multi-use-trail-with-transit-ambitions. Expect artist interviews, new business profiles, et cetera. A recently posted casting call reads: "We're a group of individuals who enjoy the beltline and volunteer our time to create this production and website ... If you have skills that could add value to the project, we'd love to have you (take part in) this group!" Organizers are quick to disclaim that BeltlineTV is not affiliated with: the City of Atlanta; Fulton County Government; Atlanta Beltline Partnership or Atlanta Beltline Inc. Whatever. It's a free country. And it sounds like something we'd watch.
· Many more details [Atlanta BeltlineTV Project]