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Asking $825K, Dream Condo Lords Over Midtown

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Just when you thought it was safe to call your condo "open" and "flooded with natural light" and "industrial chic," an 805 Peachtree penthouse hits the market and makes you look delusional. This little slice of cosmopolitan heaven has a whopping 3,372 square feet and three bedrooms spread across two stories, with the airiness of a luxury car dealership. The wrap-around balcony, basically an airborne pocket park, offers Midtown and downtown views that'll be tough to block. Of course this doesn't come cheap: The ask is $825,000 — up about 8 percent from when this home last sold in 2002. We've always loved the Bauhaus/South Beach-inspired architectural features and lofts of 805 Peachtree. Originally built as a federal government office building in 1951 (it housed the Social Security Administration), George Rohrig (of Cartel Properties fame) and his frequent investment partners the Loudermilk family (of Aaron Rents fame) bought it in the late '90s and converted it into a boutique condo building with street retail. It has a pool that's heated and cooled. Because that, apparently, is possible.
· 805 Peachtree St. NE UNIT 612 [Zillow]