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Richt Vs. Saban: College Football Lakehouse Throwdown

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Mark Richt and his Georgia Bulldogs came about 10 yards short of dethroning Nick Saban and Alabama in last season's SEC championship game. In Curbed Atlanta's inaugural Battle of the College Football Coach Lakehouses, the gap is more substantial — like, say, $10 million bucks. So this is a battle of restraint versus gaudiness.

Humility versus alpha-maleness. On the market for more than two years now, Richt's "humble" Lake Hartwell home is now listed at a measly $1.7 million. The 7,377 square-foot lakehouse has a predictably conservative feel to it, though that sounds silly to say with an eight-bedroom, 10-bath place with "spectacular views" of one of Georgia's most popular lakes. Then there's Saban's recently sold "investment property" on Lake Burton.


The sale price hasn't been published, but the six-bed, nine-bath estate known as "The Pointe" had been valued at about $11 million before Saban sold it at a June auction. Simply put, it puts Richt's digs to shame, in terms of grandeur. The Saban property has an unembellished 270 degrees of lake and mountain views, 9,600 square feet and "an authentic, Cape Cod-style stone lighthouse."


These two properties are both in the SEC of lakehouses. But, like the difference between Georgia and Alabama, there's a clear distinction between being a winner and taking a title. Never thought we'd say this, but: Roll Damn Tide.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor (and UGA grad) Tyler Estep

· 2288 Lightwood Road, Hartwell []
· Saban's Lakehouse [YouTube]

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