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Hallelujah! Ga. 400 Tolls Will Officially Die In 3 Months!

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What's worse: Texting while driving, or fishing for two more damn nickels beneath your driver's seat at 75 miles per hour? We're leaning toward the latter, but for Atlantans the point is nearly moot. State transportation officials announced Tuesday the only toll booths in Georgia, come Thanksgiving, will begin to meet their maker. A Newnan company has won a $3.5 million contract to demolish the annoying extractors of 50 cents and time-wasting obstacles between the Perimeter area and all points intown.

Destruction won't be finished until next summer, but after Nov. 21, passage on Ga. Highway 400 will be free of charge — hallelujah! (Peach Pass lanes will convert to general purpose). WABE interviewed one commuter who uses the highway three times per week — and who articulates exactly why life without the tolls will be better: "I think it'd make a difference in just the annoyance factor of having to financially plan just to go up 400."
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