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At $4.59M, This Contemporary Gem Tests Water Again

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The asking price for this North Fulton contemporary estate by architect Keith Summerour has swelled and dropped like a Chattahoochee River wave. That simile is wonderful because, get this, the property fronts the river! Since we last spotlighted this 9,700 square-foot gem last year, the price has dropped more than $300,000. At $4.59 million, it's still asking a pretty penny, but that's significantly down from the 2010 listing price of nearly $5.4 million. So what gives? The 2003 Sandy Springs home occupies a wooded 3.1 acres, with an irrigated rooftop garden, heated pool and a private putting green. It manages to make contemporary cozy, with clean lines and inventive sightlines galore. Money says the place swirls with cricket chirps at night. So why the buyer reluctance? Would $4.5 million buy more prestige a few miles south?
· 6950 Riverside Drive NW [Zillow]