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Confounding Midtown Townhome Asks $625,000

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Sometimes a listing stops you in your tracks, confounds you to the core. This is one of those times. On the surface, this Midtown townhome looks like the mutant spawn of a colonial estate and slender, two-story craftsman. Not to say that's necessarily bad, it's just ? unique. Hell, maybe it's a revolutionary use of this particular plot. This much is certain: Once inside, everything gets better. Notice the huge kitchen and marble-lined master bath, the bamboo wood floors, the finished basement with a VIP-looking media room and bathroom Jacuzzi. The 7th Street location is primo, and the 2,000 square feet offer plenty of room to roam. Built in 2000, the townhome has three bedrooms and asks $625,000. If there's a term for this particular style, we're all ears.
· 311 7th St. NE Unit 311 [Estately]