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On Arizona Avenue, $219K Bags This Authentic Loft

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In the once-industrial nook of Atlanta where Kirkwood, Edgewood and Candler Park mingle, we find this authentic Arizona Avenue loft priced at $219,000. The 1,173 square-foot unit is part of the first Arizona Lofts phase, flipped to 115 homes a decade ago (the second phase, AZ2, was built from scratch across the street in 2007). It lists as a three-bedroom, but the third appears to be more of a wide-open, second-floor sitting area. You can't deny the airiness, though, what with 21-foot ceilings and huge windows cut into the brick. Stained concrete floors could turn off some buyers, but the elevated balcony with sunset skyline views (albeit a distant skyline) should entice. The DeKalb County taxes are relatively low, and there's not one, but two saltwater pools on the property. Spuh-lash!
· 195 Arizona Ave. NE [Zillow]
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