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Sweeping Views, THIS Bathroom For $569K In Va-Hi

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1988 called, and it wants these bathrooms back. And those blinds. And that black staircase railing. It's kind of hard to tell, being that these listing photos rank among the laziest in real estate history, but this two-level penthouse at the Virginia Hill building has panoramic city views that are pretty much unparalleled. Not to mention the Beltline's Eastside Trail is at the building's doorstep. The unit's huge, with 2,550 square feet and four bedrooms, and the kitchen's not bad, with stone counters. But for a place in need of so much TLC, $569,900 is a large pill to swallow. Granted, much smaller high-rise homes are selling for more on the other side of Piedmont Park, so maybe the investment would be sound. The condo, built in 1988, avoids a "Hideous" rubric only because we know how much potential these units have, as illustrated by this beautiful, sophisticated spread in the same building.
· 587 Virginia Ave. NE #2 [Zillow]