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Ramen Burgers; Rapper Cookbooks; Bartender Shuffle

This week's top dish from Eater Atlanta...

CLERMONT WIRE— The band Mumford & Sons went to Clermont Lounge on karaoke night after performing in Atlanta on Tuesday. And then they got kicked out for breaking the strip club's no photo rule.

RAMEN WIRE— Remember the cronut? Next up in the line of ridiculous hybrid food trends is the ramen burger, soon to be available at Miso Izakaya. It's got two patties and some toppings sandwiched between buns made out of ramen.

OPENINGS AND EXPANSIONS— The anticipated Bantam Pub is now open, Bantam + Biddy is expanding onto Crescent Avenue, and wine expert Justin Amick of the Spence is opening a boutique bowling alley. Also, the new Basque-inspired restaurant from the team behind Sugo and the Iberian Pig will be called Cooks & Soldiers and will open in early 2014.

BARTENDER SHUFFLES— Kevin Bragg, previously of 4th & Swift, is the new beverage manager of Seven Lamps. He replaces Arianne Fielder, who's now at Article 14.

RAPPER COOKBOOKS— This is just a really great list of lines from Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz's "tour bus cookbook," a 28-page recipe book included with the artist's new album.