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For $579K, Splendid Midtown Mile Views Go For, Uh, Miles

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Here's a slice of the Midtown Mile where the asking price is actually headed south. This 1,564 square-foot, two-bedroom unit at the 1010 Midtown building was slashed by $12,600 last week — down to a still-expensive but in-line-with-comps $579,900. Unlike other two-bedroom units we've seen here, this coveted southwestern-corner space has room for a dining room table! The views are obviously splendid, right up the gut of Peachtree, and the listing agent assures us the sky park and other amenities are "world class." When it's time to shut the world way, all of the drapes are apparently silk/linen. The 35-story, 425-unit building — part of the burgeoning 12th & Midtown complex — was opened back in 2008. It's quickly becoming the commercial epicenter of Midtown.
· 1080 Peachtree St. NE UNIT #2011 [Zillow]