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Dusty Grant Park 'Painted Lady' Needs Serious TLC

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Nestled in the sliver of Grant Park north of Interstate 20 sits this Victorian beauty, and it practically begs for a restoration-minded buyer ... and hopefully one with a chunk of coin. While the grande dame's exterior presents a pretty face to the street, the colorful exterior hides something of a different story. It looks like someone with the best of intentions ran out of funds halfway through the renovation process, which would help to explain the property's "corporate owned" status. Conditions inside range from spaces in need of a touch of paint to rooms needing walls. Clearly, the five bedroom, four and 1/2 bath house presents quite the before-and-after opportunity. But enough original details remain to make the process potentially worthwhile. Who could say no to that staircase woodwork, loads of stained glass, oodles of moldings and bountiful fireplaces? Not to mention the backyard could be a sweet little oasis, after a lot of taming. Looks like $349,000 will get you one of Atlanta's most promising Painted Ladies. But that's a serious up-front investment, too.
· 367 Park Avenue [Trulia]