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Throwback Industrial Residences Planned For Howell Mill

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If you've traveled Howell Mill Road north of Interstate 75 lately, you may have noticed a large, fenced-off property with several standalone buildings being destroyed, including the former Tom Folly's restaurant. City records indicate a 3.4-acre corner of the property is slated to become a five-story residential complex by Crescent Howell Mill Venture LLC. The architect's description doesn't specify whether the 256 "upscale private residences" that recall "the timeless beauty of historic mill buildings with a contemporary twist" will be apartments or condos. But the property will include a dog spa, rooftop pool and two levels of parking that are invisible from nearby streets. And it could be the residential component of a much larger development.

Atlanta-based Healey Weatherholtz — the owners of gussied-up Shops Around Lenox and Paper Mill Village in East Cobb — has pitched a project called "Howell Mill Shops" for the same site, which the company describes as: "Seven acres of street retail between Buckhead and the Westside ? Howell Mill Shops is a collection of restaurants, shops and boutique services located at the corner of Howell Mill and Collier Roads."

As the Tomorrow's News Today blog points out, the mixed-use project would be situated along Howell Mill Road in the front and Emery Street to the rear. A U.S. Post Office on site would likely have to relocate. Renderings for Howell Mill Shops suggest the residential portion would occupy a back corner of the larger project, surrounded by three separate groupings of retail.

[Above renderings via Healey Weatherholtz Properties and The Preston Partnership.]

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