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$575K Bags 1936 Soul In Revived Buckhead Bungalow

Something about office spaces in attics just toots our whistle. Sure, it's probably Hades-hot up there in July, but working at the apex of a home lends a sense that you're lording over a kingdom. And that the distractions below are locked far, far away. Anyhow, this revived 1936 bungalow in southwest Buckhead's Springlake neighborhood seems to have maximized its 1,932 square feet, including the upstairs office/master suite combo. Being Buckhead, this isn't a bargain sale ($575,000), but it's far roomier (four bedrooms) than nearby condos of comparable price. This one should appeal to crown-molding aficionados and fans of terracotta tile flooring. The private backyard patio beckons parties (and a hot tub!), but our favorite aspect is the tucked-away bonus deck down below, which seems perfect for nefarious activities.
· 2120 Mckinley Road [Redfin]