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Work Under Way At Large, Mystery Site In Grant Park

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In recent weeks, what essentially amounts to an entire city block has been fenced off and flattened on Memorial Drive in Grant Park, across from and kitty-corner to Oakland Cemetery and next to Augustine's restaurant. We've tried to find out, but we're still not sure what the project is. Sometimes, like right now, we simply have to send out a call for more info. Here's what we know: The lot is something of a mystery — no significant signs there to lend a hint, an aging sign hawking "Everybody's Favorite Ice Cream" pretty much the only major landmark. There are some clues. A tidbit in a 2011 Atlanta Business Chronicle article says this of 341 Memorial: "Westside Revitalization Acquisitions recently bought 1.33 acres on Memorial Drive from Melaver Corp. for $1.25 million. The group plans to build a small neighborhood grocery store and to add a local restaurant." If that's the case, that'd be big news for this burgeoning flank of the neighborhood.

However, at this point, it's unclear if the recent work is that 2011 plan coming to fruition or not. We did some digging; the lot is still owned by the aforementioned Westside Revitalization Acquisitions. We believe we found a connection between them and the Atlanta Housing Authority, but, unfortunately, we haven't heard back from officials over there. Planning records show the property was zoned for commercial use, but the only building permits granted thus far covered "earthwork" and "streetscape." We've fielded (a lot) more than one inquiry about this project, so the community interest is clearly there — unfortunately, we don't have an answer at the moment.

So how about it? Do any Grant Parkers out there know what's what?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep