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'Ultra Modern' Lake Home Is Humongous, But Odd

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Per the listing agent, this boxy lakeside abode is an "ultra modern renovation" originally built in 1951. It's also somewhat ? odd. Regrettably, the listing photos are limited here, but it's clear the four-bedroom home has room to spare (nearly 5,400 square feet) and a dining room that comfortably seats 12. For $475,000, a buyer gets a little slice of Niskey Lake, which is south of Interstate 20, just outside the Perimeter. Suffice it to say the front doors won't be winning any design awards, and neither will the back decks, but the location seems serene. Here's an Atlanta magazine description from 1995: "Niskey Lake: A little touch of 'On Golden Pond' in Atlanta. Originally an enclave of lake homes built around spring-fed Niskey Lake, the neighborhood is home to some prominent Atlantans who value its privacy and dramatic scenery." Sound enticing enough to buy?
· 2180 Niskey Lake Trail [Estately]