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This Craftsman Needs Some Work, Might Just Be A Deal Anyway

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Fixer uppers in Midtown aren't quite the steal they were twenty years ago, but the $350,000 price tag on this 1920s bungalow has to be taken in context. Even though it looks pretty dingy in most of the interior shots (and the ratty yard + broken steps combo is pretty sad), the listing gives the impression that a lot of the grunt work has already been addressed. Decidedly non-sexy repairs such as insulation, plumbing, and central heat/air have already been addressed; the kitchen and baths aren't the latest in luxury but hey, at least they're new. It seems like there's little to accomplish other than refinishing the floors and touching up walls...oh, and getting that backyard under control. All in all, not a bad deal for a Craftsman full of original detailing in one of Atlanta's most popular intown hoods.

· 720 Charles Allen Drive NE [Coldwell Banker]