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A Rural Historic Village Hides Inside The Perimeter

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Whittier Mill Village, located just inside 285 in NW Atlanta, boasts huge oak trees, quaint cottages with front porch swings and friendly neighbors. Built as a textile mill in 1895, the neighborhood has retained is community feel and small village qualities. Little of the original mill remains aside from the factory's brick tower but its current development harkens back to those simpler times. Original homes dating to the pre 19th century have been renovated and a few newer homes have been built, but they blend with the existing style well. Last year the Arthur Blank Foundation Environmental Initiatives program gave the neighborhood association a $40,000 grant which was used to convert the remains of the old carpenter shop into an open-air picnic pavilion and playground. The neighborhood has been named a Historic District and the remaining factory tower has been recognized by the Georgia Historical Society.

By Curbed Atlanta contributor Christopher T. Martin