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This Titanic Renovation In Decatur Seeks $799,000

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Here's a choice property for buyers in the market for nearly 5,000 square feet and an in-home office big enough for an IT startup. Located off Lavista Road in Decatur's Oak Grove neighborhood, this 4,700 square-foot, five-bedroom titan has the feel of a ski lodge, only with more carpet. Nearly 3,000 square feet was packed on to the original 1960 domicile during a 2007 overhaul, and it shows. The listing agent assures us the construction is "better than new" and the kitchen is "super gourmet." The rooms are large, and the backyard fire pit is certainly nice. For homeowners, the house includes the added bonus of writing "Moonstone Court" on envelopes. The schools are highly rated, swim and tennis amenities are nearby, but for this kind of cash, it's a little blah for our subjective tastes. The ask: $799,000.
· 1765 Moonstone Court []