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At Glenwood, Score One For Development's Opposition

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Community members and Sierra Club leaders rejoiced Tuesday at the Atlanta City Council's lopsided vote to rezone Beltline-connected property on Glenwood Avenue from light industrial to multi-family residential — a move that essentially places a hurdle in the way of Fuqua Development's aspirations to build a suburban-style shopping center on the 20-acre site. The fight is far from over, however, and councilmembers clearly took measures to protect themselves in the event of a lawsuit filed by Fuqua, a Sembler alum and veteran developer of shopping-center projects from Sandy Springs to Edgewood and beyond. Walmart has long been rumored as the planned anchor tenant for the project, which would include about 200,000 square feet of retail and 1,201 parking spaces, but Fuqua has not confirmed that. Critics have ripped the plan for not keeping in line with the Beltline Overlay, which pushes for high-density residential development. Now, could the council — including one member who decried the plans as "awful" — be putting a foot down against vehicle-dependent developments where they aren't wanted? Big picture, could this set a precedent?
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