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After 8 Months, 'Most Spectacular Modern In ATL!' Still Unsold

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What's the problem here? In the listing agent's words, this is most spectacular modern house in Atlanta, yet it's languished on the market for the better part of a year, despite a significant price slash. The problems could be many, but we'll maintain our previous stance that the property itself is dynamite.

Built in 1982, this California Contemporary sits around the corner from the Governor's Mansion, and it offers amenities usually reserved for McMansions or top-flight penthouses: an indoor pool, Creston home automation system and a full-blown fitness center. When we featured the home last spring, back when it was priced at $3 million, some commenters took umbrage with the furniture and the fact that the pool's inside. Whatever. It's more that 8,000 square feet of clean lines designed by California architect Fred Briggs, but is the ask still too much, despite the $250,000 price chop? Or is it a matter of stigma? Property records indicate the house belongs to Waffle House CEO (and alleged, serial sexual harasser) Joe Rogers Jr., who bought the place at $1.8 million a decade ago.
· 3303 Chatham Road NW [Zillow]