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Deep In Inman Park, This Modern Dwelling Asks $499K

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This stylish contemporary proves that Inman Park's residential palette boasts more than the Victorians and Craftsmans the neighborhood is famous for. Listed at $499,000, this tucked-away two-bedroom dwelling has blipped our radar for years, for a couple of reasons: The modernity is a stark but not unpleasant contrast to neighboring properties, and the home embraces its topography in ways that are just plain killer (see: the footbridge). Designed by architect Gary Retel before he moved on to building prisons, the home has the feel of a swanky clubhouse for adults, with a rooftop deck in the trees and a sort of tempered zaniness that includes lime-green kitchen countertops and strips of nickel-plated steel beneath the stairs. Other highlights include a two-vehicle carport, built-in surround sound and a meticulously landscaped yard. The drawback might be in the sheer size, which is listed at a hard-to-believe 1,285 square feet. Built in 1999, the home last sold for $399,000 in the sluggish market of 2010.
· 231 Degress Ave. NE [Coldwell Banker]