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In Morningside, New-Build Manor Asks $1.3M

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For buyers who covet a built-in name with their homes, this Francophile's wet dream in Morningside should suffice. Presenting … "The Manor." It's a deceptively brand-new home on a prominent intown street, fresh on the market with a $1,295,000 asking price. Despite its 6,500 square-foot stature, The Manor is relatively understated, with a vaguely medieval mood throughout. The designers were Atlanta-based Spitzmiller & Morris, who specialize in this sort of classic European design and its illusions of timeworn character. All the place lacks is a couple of decorative shields and some plate armor. A guillotine might be fitting for the back deck, and would make for killer entertainment. The entry password for parties could be, "Oui, y'all."
· 927 Wildwood Ave. [Estately]