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Stylish Loft Hits Market For Reasonable $255K

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In Underwood Hills sits this authentic two-story loft with a pretty alluring price tag. Best of luck finding a genuine two-bedroom loft with nearly 1,600 square feet of refined space (and without barbed-wire fencing) for $255,000 in Midtown, Buckhead or Inman Park. This building, The Southern Bearing Lofts, offers just 10 units in this under-the-radar 'hood. The highlights are plentiful, from the two-level outdoor space to the achingly real hardwoods. Against the dark concrete floors and rustic overhead beams, even the white kitchen cabinetry pops. Buyers looking for beaucoup walkability might pass, but those who value seclusion and easy access to major arteries like I-75 won't. We weren't able to find much history on this building, which was built in 1962 and looks like it could be a former school, or indeed a place where bearings were made. If you know the backstory, dear commenters, don't be shy with it. Curious minds want to know.
· 1791 Harper St. Unit H [Estately]