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Westside Warehouse To Become Swank Retail Space

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Howell Mill Road's reputation as a hotbed for creative adaptive-reuse projects could soon get another boost. A development team is flipping a vacant warehouse building into the Westside's latest restaurant and retail attraction. The 34,000 square-foot building, located across the street from White Provision at the intersection of Howell Mill and Brady Avenue, formerly housed a wholesale distribution company called Sunlow Associates. The site neighbors the Westside Ironworks property, which is also slated for a retail transformation. No stranger to the district, Westbridge Partners has teamed with Meddin Company to renovate the warehouse and substantially shrink the leasable square footage to 12,500 square feet. It sounds like they already have at least one tenant on board.

According to the Westbridge website, the building will be anchored by "a new restaurant from the Yeah! Burger team focusing on healthy driven fare." (Here's hoping a sandwich/side lunch will cost less than $14.)

Westbridge developed the celebrated White Provision project and helped transform a derelict meatpacking district into a retail destination. The company also set the stage for the Elan Westside development, rezoning and designing the 14th Street property before selling it to a joint venture of Greystar and PREI in 2012.

The vision for the Ironworks property calls for 18,000 square feet of retail shops and restaurants by a partnership called Westside Ironworks LLC. While Howell Mill Road buzzes with positive change from its intersection with Northside Drive to possible parkspace at the Atlanta Waterworks, significant hurdles remain before the corridor can feel like a congruous shopping and dining district. Among them: a heavy equipment dealer and junkyard.

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