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At $149K, O4W Condo Has Brains (And Walking Dead View)

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Behold an Old Fourth Ward condo listed for (just) under $150,000. Diminutive no doubt, this 795 square-foot unit overlooking the intersection of Freedom Parkway and Boulevard provides decent bang for the buck. Concrete floors and walls mix well with calming shades of blue, and the building offers a small rooftop pool, gym and lounge, not to mention the coffee shop built in downstairs. Overall, the design is economical and smart, but there's a washer-dryer unit basically in the bedroom closet — which, come to think of it, would be kind of awesome. Also important: If you lean far enough over the patio railing, you can impress guests with the skyline/bridge view from The Walking Dead's Season 1 DVD cover.
· 480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave. [Estately]
— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep