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Beneath The Ickiness, Does A Mid-Century Marvel Lurk?

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On Briarcliff Road sits this 1967 home that's seen better days and now begs for the right combination of vision and capital. Beneath the Smurf-blue carpeting, dated stonework and throwaway bathrooms lay the bones of a possible mid-century marvel. Some of the quirky facets could be spared, like the pre-vaulted ceiling, expansive built-in cabinetry and that funky bronze canopy over the fireplace. Or maybe not. The up-front investment of $275,000 isn't chump change, if that price holds firm, but the home last sold for significantly more — $343,000 — back in 2005. With 2,580 square feet and four bedrooms, it occupies a sprawling, rolling, woodsy lot typical of the area. It's a shame the listing contains no interior glimpses of that greenhouse-like appendage around back, which smart money says is a disaster.
· 3552 Briarcliff Road [Redfin]