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$349K New-Build Blurs Line Between Soft Modern, Craftsman

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On the northern fringes of Kirkwood, we find this newly built three-bedroom abode that can only be described as soft Prairie with Craftsman influences. For less than $350,000, a buyer gets three bedrooms and a flex space, a two-car garage, custom Amish kitchen cabinets, interesting exterior lines and, um, coffered ceilings and a traditional fireplace. The home may look familiar, because similar offerings from the same builder (and usually with the same color scheme) have been sprouting across the city, especially south of DeKalb Avenue. This begs the question: Is there anything necessarily wrong with replicating the house product if it continues to sell at a decent value? Is ubiquity dangerous? In transitional neighborhoods, does this beat a moribund house or vacant lot? Okay, those are three questions. Note: An exhaustive online search indicates this might not be the actual home for sale at 2043 College Ave., which is a corner lot, but rather a similar model somewhere else.
· 2043 College Ave. [Estately]