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Own Mysterious, Massive Castleberry Loft For $1.9 Million!

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This Castleberry Hill loft is an enigma, thanks in no small part to tiny listing photos of seemingly irrelevant things. What we know is this: It's located at Stable 1897 and it has freaking eight bedrooms and a freight elevator. The listing agent assures us this building — standing here since, you guessed it, 1897 — is one of Atlanta's most historic structures. Along with residential lofts, it houses artist studios and at least one retail space. But back to the condo: It has "exposed modified ceilings" and "all of the conveniences of modern day living." Vagueness can be such a tease. Especially when it's coupled with a $1.9 million asking price.
· 261 Peters St. SW [Estately]