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Mid-Mod Enthusiasts Can Declare, In Unison: "Dayuuum!"

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Back in December, the listing agent warned that this 1963 Mid-Century Modern home would not last long on the market, and that appears to be accurate, because a sale is pending. But the mid-mod glory of this one warrants having a look anyhow. For enthusiasts of this style, the agent likened this four-bedroom, three-bath dwelling to hitting "the Mega-Millions jackpot!" — and that was only slight hyperbole. This looks like a top-flight renovation, decked out with all the requisite furniture, including an iconic Eames chair and Noguchi-style tables. The glaringly white pro kitchen pops against the natural beams above, and the stylish fire-pit out back is always a nice touch. The asking price seemed like a good value at $315,500, especially for 2,700 square feet. It's located in Doraville, of course.
· 3427 Northlake Trail [Zillow]