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Neighborhood, Choice Land Talk Tops Classic Week

"The AMLI site in Buckhead at E. Paces Ferry and Roxboro (roads) is the best site in all of town. Hard to believe it has taken this long for it to be developed. As a nearby resident I hope they do it right with the mini-parks and connectivity." — Guest #2, "From O4W To Lenox, AMLI Aims To Bring Beaucoup Apartments"

"Everyone loves their neighborhood because it's the best choice FOR THEM. This is simply a voting contest of neighborhood pride; price points, number of restaurants, etc. are really irrelevant. I really didn't care about this contest at all, until I saw the nasty comments made about my neighborhood in a previous round of voting, which provided the bulletin board material needed to get slackers such as myself to vote." — Guest #7, "Here Now, Kirkwood (10) And Grant Park (12) Square Off For 2013 'Neighborhood Of The Year' Title!"

"this poll be dumb" — Guest #9, same post