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EAV Two-fer: Weird Shack, Normal-ish House Ask $500K

Here's a hot little deal for you: two East Atlanta properties, on the market individually for $175,000, are being sold together for the low, low sum of $500,000! And that's not all! Both properties are about four blocks from the intersection of Glenwood and Moreland avenues, but the one at 565 Stokeswood Ave. is the real treat. A modest one-bedroom, one-bathroom shack of undefined square footage, it has the original (1923 vintage) hardwoods, comes with its very own roof tarp and is constructed using the finest, uh, something.

Next door, the same $175,000 price will get you a much more normal, pretty-ugly-but-doable two-bedroom, one-bathroom crib. Bad wallpaper, wood paneling and clutter aside, it's got a big yard, sprawling front porch and more than a modicum of potential. Of course, you could always buy both properties as a package deal — for just $150,000 more than if you bought them individually.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

· 565 Stokeswood Ave. [Estately]
· 569 Stokeswood Ave. [Estately]