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Exaggerated, Positive Spin Needed In Wake Of Snow Shame

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Judging by social media, most Atlantans have been cooped up inside for a dangerously long time now, binging on local news coverage and bordering on a Shinning-style freakout. (Did you hear about the dad who walked six miles? Did you hear about it six times?) So let's get creative. We're trying to think of ways to positively spin a winter-storm reaction embarrassing enough to make Al Roker rant like Al Sharpton. If this works, we'll build a special post with all the best positive spin suggestions — an attempt to infuse our raging city with mellow and possibly hilarious vibes.

A headline like this one in USA Today — "Atlanta's ability to handle winter storms questioned" — should make any self-respecting ATLien wince, and let's hope the repercussions aren't more severe. So how about alternate takes, some headlines like this: "Interstate births can't faze resilient Atlanta." Or "Grocers prove floors good for ailing backs." Or "Sochi, Super Bowl take note: Atlanta triumphs in keeping citizens alive." Or maybe we should just hold on a little longer, luxuriate in this weekend's spring-like temperatures and forget about it.
· Atlanta's ability to handle winter storms questioned [USA Today]
[Photo of exasperated snowman: Curbed Atlanta]