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Towering Glenwood Park Craftsman Asks A Half-Mil

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On the mean streets of Glenwood Park stands this handsome craftsman home, fresh on the market with a $495,000 ask. Living here would be remarkable in that the home is rustic enough to feel like Dahlonega while the neighborhood lends a little Brooklyn flavor. (Game of public bocce, anyone?) But the tri-level porchfest offers what only upper-crust Brooklynites can afford — 3,100 square feet and four bedrooms. The décor leans way too traditional for our tastes, but beneath that the bones of a good floor plan are apparent. While it might not be for everyone, Glenwood Park listings are relatively uncommon because homes are few in number and — rumor has it — residents tend to stay a while. If the listing is accurate, living here entails $1,443 in HOA fees. The community's website indicates that use of the massive communal pool wouldn't be covered by those fees. If true, that's kind of a bummer.
· 979 Faith Ave. [Estately]