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Plans For Reynoldstown Duplexes Promise Modern Flair

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Check out the floorplans for this pair of very modern duplexes destined for Reynoldstown. The listing bills them as being walking distance from the Beltline, which, at roughly half a mile away on Cleveland Street, is technically true but a little misleading. Outside of the black-and-white exterior drawings, there's not a ton to get super excited about, but a little research on designer B. Costello brings the project more juice. If it's anything like the number of projects show more in-depth on Costello's site, the ATL project known as "Reynoldstown Four" should be aesthetically pleasing to future owners and passersby alike. No per-unit square footage available, but with three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a fenced backyard and gated parking, an asking price of $339,000 seems fair. North of DeKalb Avenue, these homes could demand about twice that much, depending on neighborhood.
· 145 Cleveland St. [Zillow]
— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep