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Agent Declares: 'One Of The Best Homes I've Ever Been In'

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Isn't it just precious when an agent uses first-person to inject their personal thoughts and experiences into a listing? With this Tudor-style home in Morningside, asking $999,000, the agent makes a bold statement for the ages: "One of the Very Best (Homes) I Have Ever Been In." Well, hot damn! Let's go inside! For starters, the place is deceptively massive. Within these brick walls, there's a McMansion-esque six bedrooms and 3,700 square feet in understated 1935 packaging. The kitchen is clearly top-flight with its custom cabinetry and all. Elsewhere the home is sufficiently nice, the mirrored walls notwithstanding. Not pictured, unfortunately, are the motor court, carport and "rich, lush gardens" the agent teases. Maybe those elements would help in convincing a buyer to spend $1000 shy of a million bucks.
· 1529 N Highland Ave. [Estately]