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$415K Foreclosure Has Abundance Of Bathrooms

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Assuming the listing is accurate, this foreclosed contemporary home in Berkeley Park could have a bedroom-bathroom ratio unlike anything that's come across the radar lately. And it could be a solid investment for buyers undaunted by updating projects — and who appreciate the convenience of a half-dozen toilets. Standing between Northside Drive and Howell Mill Road, on a street with a surprising collection of modern homes, this place has sold for as high as $565,000 in roaring 2005, but the lender assumed it for $518,900 last year. Now they're offering a 20 percent discount on that, with an ask of $415,000. It's not yet a pristine modern marvel, and the aesthetics recall the offices of a start-up tech company, but that's an intriguing price for nearly 3,500 square feet intown. And, oh yeah, there are two bedrooms and six bathrooms.
· 714 Antone St. NW [Zillow]