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Buckhead Showdown: Historic Character Versus Killer View

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Let's pretend you're sick of Atlanta's inflating rents to the point you want to buy a condo. You like Buckhead, but you don't drive a Maserati. You also dig Midtown, so being close to that submarket is paramount, too. You're flexible on condo size, location, style, but your budget is in the high $100,000s, firm, and you have the requisite down payment. These two properties — one near Peachtree Road, the other overlooking Interstate 75 — prove that homeownership for less than $200,000 is possible in desirable areas. Let's give these condos some boxing gloves and see which one survives. It's time for Real Estate Deathmatch!


^ Perched around the corner from Uncle Julios in South Buckhead, this two-bedroom condo is rich in historical character, and the walkability isn't too shabby, either. The building is nearly a century old, which spells authentic charms and quirky but awesome perks like a secret loft space accessed via the dining room. It's a fair bit cheaper than today's competition, too.

Collier House condo
8 Collier Road Unit C2
Square Footage: Unlisted
Price: $179,000
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Year Built: 1920
Perks: Great character and a functional loft space
Potential drawback: Overall size and that tight-squeeze kitchen



^ At the boutique community of 20 condos that is Avista, this unit offers stellar views of Midtown from the balcony and one more bathroom than its competitor. It's got the requisite granite, stainless steel, hardwoods — and a surround sound speaker system to boot. The master "retreat" boasts a walk-in closet and tub with its very own window.

Avista Condos unit
140 Alden Ave Unit 402
Square Footage: Anyone's guess
Price: $193,900
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Year Built: 2006
Perks: Two covered parking spaces; it's been listed for 194 days and could be ripe for a bargain
Potential drawback: Size and slightly dated style

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