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Reynoldstown House Near Beltline was Snatched in Minutes

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The "pending" status of this newly built Reynoldstown house could illustrate two things: the power of striking design and the allure of Beltline proximity. According to Zillow data, the house was listed for $389,000 on Sept. 16 and was under contract that day. Being unavailable doesn't make it uninteresting, however. A year ago, when this plot was home to a graffiti-scarred rats' nest, it sold for $76,000. It sits about half a block from the Eastside Trail's future extension. One year later, a few reclaimed wood beams, rustic sinks, some white marble, and a bunch of dramatic hickory flooring became potent bait for today's type of urban homeowner. Like other new-builds and remodels around older Atlanta 'nabes, it incorporates metal railing on the porch and other "steel nuances," as one listing puts it. This industrial-rustic interior aesthetic will probably define the post-Recession era in Atlanta and other cities. With 1,779 square feet and three bedrooms, the agent makes the suspect claim that "one couldn't want for more space." But someone wanted this space pretty bad.
· 954 Wylie St. SE [Intown Collection]