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For $675K, Kirkwood Relic Blends History with High-Tech

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It's time to recognize a few creative property descriptions for a tricked-out house that's special enough to have its own website. A few blocks from Kirkwood's downtown village, this handsome 1910 Craftsman is "a modern marvel dressed in turn-of-the 20th century detail" where "you can feel the passion of a culinary artist in the kitchen" and which, in totality, leaves you "feeling wistful nostalgia for a time when homes were built with hands and hearts." Damn, Margaret Mitchell! Later, MM informs us of cool touches (and the PebbleTec saltwater pool around back) that make a $675,000 price seem like less of a reach. The hot tub, for instance, can be operated via smart phone, so that it's steamy by the time you arrive from work. Waterproof Bose speakers hide in the master steam shower. The restored coal fireplaces (one gas, three "fire-log compatible") come with antique summer covers. The paint job abides by "a historically accurate Roycroft color scheme," and the kitchen (with its dual copper sinks and eco-friendly PaperStone counters) was literally designed by a chef. Topping all 2,720 square feet and four bedrooms, there's a yoga/meditation sanctuary in the attic, which the listing describes as a "serenity room." It could be that rare instance when updating an old home anymore would be a shame.
· 139 Howard St. NE [Home's Website]