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The De-Greening (and Re-Greening) of Peachtree Road

In a move that would deeply sadden the Lorax, development has begun on the 374-unit Gables Oglethorpe project in Brookhaven, and more than a few mature trees in the area have not made the cut. Announced last month, the development is supplanting wooded land at Hermance Drive and Peachtree Road, which was cleared in the last week to make way for construction. The project comes on the heels of sizable, student-focused developments near Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Emory. Here, Oglethorpe and Gables Residential are partnering on the fittingly gothic apartments, allowing students to roll out of bed five minutes before class. A compatriot to neighboring Town Brookhaven, the development is another big step in the transformation of the Peachtree Road corridor through the new city of Brookhaven.

The once forest-lined road is experiencing a rapid de-greening in favor of multi-use developments, stretching the urban realm of the city ever outward. But fear not, tree-huggers: Oglethorpe relocated many of the healthy trees from the site, and promises to add new plantings to the development to more than augment the timber felled in the name of progress.

— Michael Kahn

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