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The Modernization of Old Fourth Ward Hits Warp Speed

An under-construction contemporary, 606 McGruder St.
An under-construction contemporary, 606 McGruder St.

Could the Old Fourth Ward be known one day for its rich, eclectic vein of contemporary houses the way Inman Park is for Victorians? Possibly. While modern houses aren't exactly new in this swiftly changing neighborhood, the abundance of them is, especially on the modern-home showcase that is Corley Street, behind Highland Bakery. With many more cutting-edge homes and townhomes in the pipeline, this could be only the beginning.

This month, we're compiling a three-part Visual Journey that takes stock of Atlanta's new crop of modern homes, while tipping a hat to their predecessors that we haven't featured before. You can argue whether these bold designs are out of whack with the existing residential architecture, but it's clear that "modern" isn't a blanket term in Atlanta anymore. And especially not in the Old Fourth Ward.

Obviously, it's impossible to snuff out every modern home going up in Atlanta right now. And we'll inevitably miss some great examples of striking design that have stood for years. If something exceptional (or gawd-awful) is being built in your neighborhood right now, or was recently finished, please email the home's address to the tipline.

[All photos: Christopher T. Martin, Curbed Atlanta]

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