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How Far Does $850K Stretch in Peachtree Hills? This Far:

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The word "cute" might be overused in describing houses around Atlanta these days, but the warm-and-fuzzy adjective definitely fits this hunk of mid-aught gingerbread in Peachtree Hills. For many buyers, however, the price tag is less like a little puppy than a rabid Saint Bernard. Tucked off Peachtree Road, a couple of blocks from Restaurant Eugene, this $850,000 house was built in 2005, which makes it one of the newer standalone properties in Peachtree Hills, according to the listing. The façade is heavy with stacked stone and Tudor influences; around back, there's a lovely terraced backyard that climbs to a storage shed and swing-set. The square footage is listed at an impressive 3,370 square feet; with four bedrooms and three baths, that probably spells truly oversized rooms. Overall, the aesthetic skews a little too traditional for our subjective tastes, but like grandma always said, traditional typically punches up the cute factor.
· 116 Mobile Ave. [Estately]