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Another N. GA Estate Goes to Auction without Safety Net

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With autumn upon us, who isn't hankering for an escape to the North Georgia mountains? You're in luck, as this luxurious cabin in Big Canoe goes up for auction Thursday sans reserve. The Southern Living Show Home, designed by architect Bob Timberlake, is equal parts craftsman charm and modern amenity — with a whole lot of grandma decor going on. Last offered at $2.8 million (which sounds steep as Brasstown Bald) the home could function as a nice weekend getaway for those in Atlanta with spare gold bars collecting dust. Urbanophiles who might be averse to the rustic lifestyle of the mountains could find solace in the built-in espresso machine. And the coziness of the theater room nearly compensates for the hideous green bathroom tiles.

The home has seven bedrooms, which spells plenty of space to escape from your pals after having escaped to the mountains. There's also room for seven cars, so you need not make the journey together. Beyond the home, visitors can enjoy all the non-urban splendor of Big Canoe. With "access to an extensive trail network for hiking and biking, swim club, 27-hole championship golf course, electric-only vessel marina, tennis complex, fitness center and spa," as the listing points out, there's little reason to stay cooped up here, even if the home sprawls for 7,500 square feet.

So what's your highest offer?

— Michael Kahn

· Tranquility Knoll: 973 Cox Mountain Drive, Big Canoe [Concierge Auctions]