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Westside's 'Aspire Waterworks' to be Lamborghini Magnet?

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The vision for the Westside's latest apartment project hints that it shall become a veritable magnet for exotic automobiles. According to these new renderings for Aspire Waterworks, the base level of the project will swarm with yellow Lamborghinis and priceless English roadsters. It's hard to say why, exactly, unless all of these hypothetical vehicles got lost looking for Buckhead Atlanta. Or maybe they're trying to find parking for Swinging Richards next door. Or hell, maybe the location will be just that attractive by the time these rentals are delivered.

A group called Westplan Investors is seeking a permit to build about 160 units — considerably smaller than competing developments — on the Northside Drive site. The attractiveness of the area has swelled in the last year, as grassroots efforts to reopen areas around the Atlanta Waterworks complex as public parks have gained traction with public officials. The Aspire site abuts one reservoir that's been fenced off since Atlanta's Olympics Games, after having been open for more than 100 years. So renters at Aspire Waterworks could park their Italian supercars and, ostensibly, walk through the park one day to places like Flip Burger and Monday Night Brewing. And they could talk about how much their apartments look like Atlantic Station.

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Atlantic Station

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