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$279K EAV Renovation Shoots for Mid-Century Style

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With a few oversized eves and a stylish front door, this 1955 house in the East Atlanta Village has come a long way from the standard brick ranch it used to be. Purists can debate whether it's truly the "amazing mid-century modern" the listing claims it is, but it's fresh and contemporary throughout, if not exactly huge. Priced at $279,900, it sits a couple of blocks from the neighborhood's commercial epicenter, and from the street, it has a pleasing visual balance of woods and painted brick. Along with a nice interior flow, it's got most of the bells and whistles you'd expect from a new flip at this price point. The 1,403 square feet might be on par with a largish two-bedroom condo, but it claims to have three legitimate bedrooms. The listing teases a "MASSIVE backyard" and shows zero photos of it. Regardless, Brownwood Park isn't far away.
· 1531 Newton Ave. SE [Estately]