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This Mansion of Bonkers Ceilings Can't Sell at $5.7 Million

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"Over-the-top" does not begin to describe this wildly ostentatious home that's sat on the market for more than a year in Sandy Springs. Described by trulia as a "Mediterranean," the home, more accurately the size of the Mediterranean, is a monstrosity, with six garages, 11 bedrooms, and 14 baths spread across 28,000 square feet. Added bonus: The ceiling of the master bedroom looks like a dental cast. In fact, incredible ceilings abound here, and not really in a good way.

From the listing photos, it's easy to see why this goliath, built in 2003, is listed for just shy of $5.7 million. The kitchen is a site to behold, with an undulating ceiling and cabinets designed by someone who decided two heights were better than one. What one would presume is the master closet contains more shoes than a Payless. Hopefully those shoes are included in the sale price, as any buyer would likely wear out their pair on the walk down the longer-than-a-bowling-lane marble-floored hallway. Given the strength of the Euro, it might be cheaper to buy a home on the Greek Isles and fly there.

— Michael Kahn

· 720 Heards Ferry Road [trulia]