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Comment Of The Week (Rah-Rah Edition)

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"I can remember when people thought I was crazy to live south of Ponce. People were afraid to visit me at my loft in what is now Inman Village. Crackheads lived under the Freedom Parkway overpass, of what is now of the Beltline. That wasn't even 20 years ago. Then I moved to Reynoldstown. People thought I was crazy to live south of DeKalb Avenue ... and so on, and so on. As long as we marshal our resources and build a great and safe infrastructure, the city will continue to get better and more liveable everywhere. The (Westside) Trail will be a game changer for that part of town. It's got nice parks, is close to MARTA, downtown and the airport. It's going to happen eventually. Never say never in Atlanta." — commenter John, "Here Now, Your Most Burning Beltline Questions, Answered."