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Updates on Suburban Plaza: LA Fitness, Starbucks & Timelines

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Things are starting to get serious over at Decatur's Suburban Plaza with timelines for construction and even openings coming to light. According to the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association, hammer will start swinging this month on the new 149,876-square-foot Walmart SuperCenter, which should throw open its sliding doors by March 2016. The 34,214-square-foot LA Fitness (Tenant H on the map) has applied for its building permit and should get started with demolition shortly. The Starbucks drive-through (Shop J on the map) has requested a variance that would allow them to put the building five feet from the property line rather than the required 75 feet in order to allow pedestrians on the yet-to-be-built sidewalk along North Decatur Road to more easily put the caffeine into their faces. The Special Land Use Permit for the coffee shop's drive-through has already been approved. Developer Selig Enterprises will get started with parking lot and facade renovations by January.

According to Selig, a new traffic signal at the North Decatur Road entrance to the shopping center has ben approved by the DeKalb County Department of Transportation and should be installed next summer. A left turn land median on Church Street and median islands for Medlock Road and Sycamore Drive have also earned approval.

· Suburban Plaza update: Starbucks, LA Fitness [Medlock Neighborhood Association]
[Images via Selig Enterprises and Medlock Neighborhood Association]